Look good, feel good

Let me begin by saying that I have never been a gym rat! One of the main reasons for this was because I didn’t know how to work the majority of the machines there… My boyfriend convinced me to join him at Gold’s Gym and allow him to be my gym buddy (aka personal trainer). I had some skepticism at first but eventually thought ‘why not?!’ After the first trip to the gym  I was hooked! Yes, I’d been to a gym before, but had never worked out like this. I started targeting my problem areas better and working muscles I didn’t realize I needed to.

I’m not a personal trainer or fitness expert by any means, but here is a basic workout that will have you noticing a huge difference in your lat, back, and under bra fat! Overall, the biggest benefits I’ve gained from going to the gym so frequently is a huge sense of accomplishment. Walking away knowing I had a fantastic workout and waking up the next two days with sore muscles feels incredible (in a masochistic kind of way). Try this super easy workout next time you visit the gym:

This exercise is called ‘lat pull-downs.’ There are a variety of ways to do this exercise (e.g. amount of weight, position of hands on the bar, and type of bar to use for the exercise). For a rookie, like myself, I use a wide grip and 50lbs of weight.

IMG_0547Start by gripping the bar, arms extended, and make sure you pinch your shoulder blades together (also notice the arched back). Then pull the bar to your chest, just below your clavicle, keeping your shoulder blades pinched. Release your arms slowly (about 4 seconds) until they are extended like the first picture. I do 5 sets of 10 reps increasing the weight if possible.


The biggest fear to overcome is walking into the gym and feeling like a complete amateur. Thinking everyone of the buff guys and gals is watching and judging you. My gym buddy tells me, “Everybody had to start somewhere.” Go on then! Give it a go!



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