Your boss pays attention to your nails!

Whether you are male or female, I can guarantee that your boss (also either male or female) pays attention to how well manicured your nails are. Why is it so important to keep them clean and presentable? Well, outside of what it says about your attention to or lack of attention to hygiene, it can make a difference as you climb the corporate ladder.

I’ve had both male and female bosses comment on the cleanliness of my manicured nails. They pay attention either because their wife gets her nails done or because they themselves like to take care of their own nails, but ultimately when having to deal with customers, appearance is a necessity for first impressions. Wouldn’t you rather present your best looking employees in front of clients, partners, board members, etc.? I’m not talking about genetically ‘best looking’ but rather in appearance; clothes, hair, nails, etc. It makes a huge difference when first impressions count.

For women, I would stick to solid/professional colours. I’m far from boring, however, and love experimenting so I would absolutely add an accent nail or try a simple design every once in a while! As far as length is concerned, shorter is better in my opinion. It looks cleaner and more professional.

For men, cleaning up the nail beds, cuticles, and overall shine makes all the difference in the world! I think we are well past the days when men were afraid to enter nail salons for fear of feeling emasculated. In the wise words of Ludacris, it’s about feeling good “from your manicured nails to ya pedicured toes.”

Ultimately, the appearance of well clean and healthy nails reflects on other areas of your life. Be proud of your appearance and others will surely notice… whether they vocalize it or not!



4 thoughts on “Your boss pays attention to your nails!

    1. Great question! I would say professional colours are more neutral shades or pastels. If you have to second guess the colour because you aren’t sure it’s professional enough then you should probably pass! 🙂 I like to stick to shades of brown, greys, light pinks, etc. Hope that helps!

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      1. Definitely help, I think my next will be grey or light pink! Also like I said I feel like the shiny-ness also raises the professionalism like those you have shown here! Thanks for answering xoxo, Sam


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