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Followers! I’m no longer here as I have a new website you need to follow!

Happy Friday yall! (<– Southern drawl in my British accent)

I’m sure you can tell that my blog no longer looks the same (yuck). Long story short, I’m moving to a different URL and in order for you to keep receiving my awesome, amazing, fabulous content (*cough*) I am giving you the URL to my new website www.heelsandladders.com The layout looks the same as this blog (prior to horrible layout change) and also has a ‘Subscribe’ button on the right side of the home page for you to put your email addresses in.

Reasons for the switch are a.) I just self hosted my blog instead of leaving it on WordPress and b.) I needed a new name. So, “why heelsandladders” you might ask? You all remember the game Snakes and Ladders, also known as Shoots and Ladders? You have also heard about climbing the corporate ladder? Well, put the two together, add a little feminine touch (heels) and BOOM! Magic. (You can thank my clever significant other for this idea. I know when to pass credit along!)

Anywho, please go to my new blog and subscribe! I have lots to share and an especially exciting post coming this Sunday! Also, tell whomever you think might enjoy reading from little ole me to subscribe as well! 🙂

Enjoy your weekend and I’ll see you on the other blog!